Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amazing plans for 2014!

One of my favourite activities to do from Leonie Dawson's Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks is to write a list of 100 things to do this year...

I just love it...

Last year's list can be seen HERE.  I only managed to fulfil 21 of the things I set out to do but really, I don't think that effort was half bad!

I achieved the following:

  1. Climbed 1103 stairs in the Step up for MS challenge
  2. Raised $1145 dollars for the MS Society of WA
  3. Tried yoga and fell in love
  4. Visited my friend Coralie at Rainbow Farm and had family photographs taken
  5. Visited my Nana
  6. Told my Nana I loved her
  7. Fell in love with belly dancing
  8. Bought myself a bicycle
  9. Dyed my hair black, purple and pink
  10. Started using FaceTime to make video calls 
  11. Bought new pillows (but need new ones again - they weren't so great! LOL)
  12. Expanded my music library a little
  13. Started drawing and shared my work with a couple of people
  14. Completed my training at Lifeline and am now a Telephone Crisis Supporter
  15. Started a public blog
  16. Consciously asserted myself
  17. Volunteered at the kids school a little
  18. Went swimming with the kids
  19. Got dressed up and went for drinks with the girls twice
  20. Tried my first green smoothie... Not as offensive as it looked!
  21. Got my tooth fixed

What I didn't achieve last year, I either rolled into this year's list or scrapped altogether.  My theory is that some weren't getting done because they just don't light me up now.

But I love this exercise that much that I kinda went a little overboard.  I have more than 100 and I categorised them so they are easier to find and mark off when I achieve them!

So... I give you... MY LIST FOR 2014!

1.           Step up for MS Challenge – Climb Central Park Tower again in less than 20 minutes!
2.           Raise $3000 for the Step up for MS Challenge. ($250 so far!)
3.           Watch 6 movies.
4.           Walk 50 km in a week!
5.           Read 12 books.
6.           Watch the House series!
7.           Partake in a photo challenge.
8.           Take part in a writing challenge.
9.           Sing in public and get over a fear!
Things to Learn
10.       Learn to crochet.
11.       Do a self defence course.
12.       Learn enough Dutch to hold a conversation.
13.       Attend workshops and courses that interest me.
14.       Horse riding lessons
15.       Dig deep into what the Amazing Biz and Life Academy has to offer!
16.       Restring and play my guitar.
17.       Knit something!
18.       Blog regularly!
19.       Restore an old piece of furniture
20.       Write my children’s book
21.       Scrapbook!
22.       Journal
23.       Draw!
24.       Cover my rocking chair
25.       Sew fleecy pj bottoms for the kids!
26.       Restore my giraffe pot stand!
27.       Research my book
Things to Do!
28.       Send snail mail!
29.       Try Zumba
30.       Ride a camel
31.       Spend a day in Kings Park alone
32.       Go to lunch with friends more often
33.       Dress up and go out for drinks and dancing!
34.       Get a manicure and pedicure!
35.       Have sexy photos taken
36.       Take a solo trip to somewhere new!
37.       Try another form of dancing
38.       Spend time with my bunnies
39.       Eat outdoors
40.       Go to the cinema alone to watch a movie that makes me cry!
41.       Spend a day at the zoo alone
42.       Go for a long bike ride!
Things to Buy
43.       Get a belly dance costume
44.       New underwear
45.       Buy a corset!
46.       A red dress
47.       Kickass boots!
48.       Panniers for my bike
Home & Organizing
49.       Find creative storage solutions!
50.       Store my digital photos
51.       Create a corner in the garden just for me
52.       Keep the kitchenette clear of junk!
53.       Have a bathroom again!
54.       Work on routines to make life smoother
55.       Update my address and birthday books
56.       Convert old movies to DVD – relive the memories!
57.       Have an organised Christmas I enjoy!
58.       Decrapify my home – bless others with my excess!
59.       Let go of the baby stuff
60.       Create a ‘creative haven’ for myself
61.       Decorate Celeste’s room
62.       Make a jewellery hanger
63.       Spend time making things pretty
Family and kids
64.       Bake and make interesting lunches for my children
65.       Spend more time playing!
66.       Make icecream sundaes
67.       Do jigsaw puzzles and play board games on a rainy afternoon
68.       Play hide and seek!
69.       Make glittery play dough
70.       Invent a character and make up stories
71.       Play practical jokes
72.       Take a family trip to somewhere new
73.       Go ice skating
74.       Say “I love you” more!
75.       Go to the movies in my PJ’s with the kids
76.       Go bowling
77.       Visit AQWA
78.       Go to Esperance to visit Nanna
79.       Do craft projects together
80.       Go to penguin island!
81.       Record us singing songs we love
82.       Foot print butterflies
83.       Blow bubbles!
84.       Go and feed the ducks
85.       A family dinner somewhere new
86.       Go on a picnic
87.       Renovate and redecorate the cubby house
88.       Sleep in the cubby one night
89.       Toast marshmallows and tell spooky stories by a fire
90.       Go to the beach!
91.       Volunteer at scouts
For my health and fitness
92.       Join the gym
93.       Learn to do the splits
94.       Give up cola
95.       Drink tea
96.       Drink water
97.       Get a massage
98.       Run 5kms
99.       Take care of my skin
100.        Grow food!
101.        Green juices!
102.        Go swimming
103.        Get a pap smear – living the dream!
104.        Create a meditation practice
105.        Create a yoga practice
106.        Give up resistance to taking my medicine
107.        Reach a comfortable weight.
Money and Career
108.        I want minions!
109.        Earn Money
110.        Sell on ebay ($10 made so far!)
111.        Save my $2 coins
112.        A regular Lifeline shift
113.        Start a business from home
114.        Make something worth selling
115.        Publish my book!
116.        Pay something off!
117.        Make decisions about my future study!
118.        Write something I get paid for!
119.        Make money from Nutrimetics
120.        Pursue speaking engagements
121.        Release my fear of money
Feel Goods
122.       Become an organ donor
123.       Send a “just because” gift to someone special
124.       Donate blood
125.       Volunteer at school
126.       Keep chalk in my bag and write love notes to the world
127.       Pay a total stranger a compliment
128.       Practice tonglen
129.       Buy lunch for someone who needs it
130.       Smile at strangers in the street
Just for me!
131.       Sit alone in the sun and think
132.       Sit alone in the star light and think
133.       Wear jeans!
134.       Have a bowl of pretty crystals - healing crystals
135.       Burn more candles or incense
136.       Hang windchimes
137.       Paint my nails more
138.       Make new friends & renew old friendships (Already underway!)
139.       Journal my romances
140.       Create a dream board  DONE!!! Upcoming blog post!
141.       Write a bucket list
142.       Write a travel bucket list or blog for my travel dreams!
143.       Become more assertive! Keep growing those gonads!
144.       Expand my intuition
145.       Celebrate my 40th birthday
146.       Listen to more podcasts
147.       Be more grateful!
148.       Make my last wishes known
149.       Listen to the radio – stop being such a mushroom to the world
150.       Deepen my relationships
151.       Write my baby’s birth stories
152.       Spend days being crafty – to hell with what I “should” be doing!
153.       Expand my music library
154.       Get my glasses fixed

155.       Wear perfume
156.    Visit my tree

Here's to checking a lot more off this list this year!  I'm so keen!