Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Jar of Happy

You know that saying, "I wish I could bottle it?"  When something is so good we want to preserve it forever or just save it for another day? Well I think I have discovered a way to do just that!

I do not always find time to journal even though I find it very therapeutic. I also find that with my busy household, my memory isn't always so great.  Then, to top off the trifecta, I am often just too tired or lazy to write.  I put it off until after a nap or in the morning, promising myself I will get up and just do it before everyone wakes up and keeps me distracted.

So my desire to write, to record my memories and take conscious inventory of all I have to be grateful for, can often go unmet.  That makes me sad. It frustrates me. It gives me the "shoulds" and we all know that should is a very dirty word that implies so much negativity.

But my new beautiful Jar of Happy is perfect.

She sits there on my shelf, open wide to accept notes of love, gratitude and beautiful memories that are as simple as jottings on a piece of notepad. the back of an envelope or old receipt.  It isn't about how pretty the note is. It is perfect the more imperfect it is because it is from the heart and in the jar.

On dimly lit days of the heart, or when I want to stroll back in time and smile, all I ned do is reach in and take out a small selection of nots and sit back and read. And that just makes my heart sing so loudly!

I also think that it will be a beautiful lesson for my babies.

My oldest son (9) forgets quite quickly that he had fun.  He will be laughing one moment then lamenting the "worst day ever" the next.  I do not want this to become habit for him.  I know it is just a phase.  But i hope that I can encourage him to write his gratitudes, smiles, laughs and joys down and have a tangible place to see and feel and access them rather than leaving it just to sink the bottom of his memory.

I want this jar filled to overflowing.  I want it to be testimony to my life anyhow wonderful it is.

This is not a new idea by any means.  It has and is practiced by many people. Just google and you will find many and varied hits about a vessel to keep your happy or your gratefulness.  This idea is simply new to me and I'm taking it and running with it because I think it will suit my mad, chaotic, hectic and curve-balled life perfectly!

So long as that curve-ball isn't one that I have instructed endlessly, not to throw in the house!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

100 Things to do This Year!

I absolutely love Leonie Dawson's Amazing Biz and Life Academy. She has so much good stuff to share to get you all revved up and ready to spread your wings and do what you want to do with your life - rather than just sit and think about it.

My most favourite tool she offers are the workbooks!
There is one for LIFE and one for BUSINESS and they take you through a bunch of (mostly fun) exercises to get you thinking and focused on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it!  I say mostly fun because some are actually quite thought provoking and pose a bit of a challenge. But a challenge is good for us all every now and then. It stretches your limits and moves you into new spaces!  I love it!

My all time FAVOURITE activity in the LIFE WORKBOOK is to list 100 things you want to do in the year.  I love it that much I kinda went a little crazy last year and came up with 156 things!!!

As it turned out however, an new little light wanted to be a part of this world and chose me as his mama. So while I couldn't be more thrilled about that, I must admit, he did derail many of my 2014 plans.  I was either too sick or tired to follow my dreams, or I was just too busy managing other things to keep up with them.

That's why I only blogged ONCE last year...  And I didn't even realise it until now!  OOPS!
I was a little distracted!

So distracted that I only fulfilled 13 of my gigantic list!

  1. I managed 7 days of a photo challenge (GO ME!)
  2. I purchased new underwear (Nursing bras and stretchy belly knickers)
  3. I bought a jewellery hanger
  4. We made play dough once - no glitter though...
  5. Went swimming
  6. I have begun losing weight
  7. I helped my husband start a business from home (that's almost like doing it for myself!)
  8. Signed up to be an organ donor!
  9. Created a dream board
  10. Became more thoughtful about gratitude and the universe.
  11. Got my glasses fixed
  12. Bought a pair of jeans but they need altering!
  13. I raised $250 for the MS foundation but did not climb the tower.

Not an overwhelmingly long list checked off there! Oh well...

I can fix that this year though!  Now that 2015 is here and my tiny guy is growing like a weed!  I am excited to jump on in and make stuff happen in my life again!

So, to that end, I present my 100 things list! (That may number more then 100!)

  1. Participate and raise money for the Red Dress Dash!
  2. Participate in and raise $2000 for Step Up For MS Stair Climb and do it in under 20 minutes!
  3. Watch 6 movies this year!
  4. Walk 50km in a week
  5. Read 26 books this year
  6. Watch the House series
  7. Take part in a photo a day challenge
  8. Take part in a writing challenge
  9. Sing in public and bust my fear
  10. Learn to crochet and make something!
  11. Learn enough Dutch to carry a conversation
  12. Do a self defence course
  13. Take part in a short course or workshop a term
  14. Take advantage of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy resources
  15. Restring and play guitar
  16. Go on a horse ride
  17. Knit something
  18. Blog more
  19. Try making a vlog
  20. Restore my old desk
  21. Fix the giraffe pot stand
  22. Write my children's book
  23. Scrapbook 52 pages
  24. Journal
  25. Draw more - even if it is doodling
  26. Research book idea
  27. Take the kids out to a restaurant meal
  28. Send snail mail!
  29. Try Zumba
  30. Go on a camel ride
  31. Go to lunch once a term with friends
  32. Go out for drinks and dancing
  33. Get a manicure, pedicure and a massage
  34. Have sexy photos taken
  35. Spend quiet time with my bunnies
  36. Eat outdoors
  37. Go for a long bike ride
  38. Buy a belly dance costume
  39. Try burlesque
  40. Buy a corset!
  41. Buy a red dress 
  42. Acquire some kick-ass boots
  43. Update my wardrobe and accessorise more
  44. Find creative ways to store things I love
  45. Tame my digital photo collection
  46. Create a beautiful corner in the garden to sit and think
  47. Sit and think more
  48. Learn to use routines
  49. Have updated address and birthday books
  50. Send birthday cards!
  51. Convert my old home movies to DVD
  52. Plan Christmas in advance!
  53. Wake up to a clean and tidy home just once!
  54. Find a space to call my creative home
  55. Finish the flowers for Celeste's walls
  56. Give the boys their own rooms
  57. Give Ethan a cute nursery
  58. Fill my kids lunch boxes with healthy love!
  59. Play more! Laugh more!
  60. Focus on making my ritual days work!
  61. Play board games and jigsaws all day in winter in front of the heater
  62. Play hide and seek
  63. Invent a character and make stories up
  64. Have a movie night on the floor in a "family bed"
  65. Make glittery play dough
  66. Put love notes in lunch boxes
  67. Take a family trip to somewhere new
  68. Go ice skating
  69. Release "I love you"
  70. Go to the cinema in my PJ's with the kids
  71. Take the kids bowling
  72. Go ice skating
  73. Go to Esperance to visit the family
  74. Do craft projects together - footprint butterflies
  75. Visit AQWA
  76. Visit penguin island
  77. Take the kids to the beach
  78. Record ourselves singing songs we love
  79. Blow bubbles more
  80. Go on a picnic with our teddies
  81. Renovate the cubby house
  82. Spend the night in the cubby
  83. Host a kids dance party!
  84. Give the kids a birthday party each this year!
  85. Toast marshmallows and tell spooky stories by the fire
  86. Volunteer at school
  87. Take Ethan to play group
  88. Learn to do the splits!
  89. Drink tea
  90. Drink more water
  91. Juice and green smoothies!
  92. Run 5km
  93. Take care of my skin
  94. Grow something edible
  95. Make terrariums with the kids
  96. Get a pap-smear done... (Live the dream baby!)
  97. Practice tonglen 
  98. Do yoga more
  99. Wear jeans
  100. Save $1000 for no real reason
  101. Save $1 coins
  102. Make a living for myself
  103. Start a home based business
  104. Publish something
  105. Pay something off
  106. Make decisions about my education!
  107. Get paid for something I write
  108. Make a $20 backpack for the homeless to give away
  109. Sell some Nutrimetics instead of being the worst salesperson eva!
  110. Buy something lovely for myself!
  111. Send a "just because" gift to someone special
  112. Donate blood
  113. Keep chalk in my bag and write love notes to the world
  114. Pay a total stranger a compliment
  115. Buy lunch for someone who needs it
  116. Smile at strangers in the street
  117. Keep a happiness jar
  118. Have a bowl of pretty crystals - healing crystals
  119. Help make my husbands food business, Nicely Spiced a reality that allows him to give up his day job!
  120. Burn more candles or incense
  121. Hang windchimes
  122. Paint my nails more
  123. Make new friends & renew old friendships (Always)
  124. Journal my romances
  125. Create a dream board
  126. Write my bucket list
  127. Write my travel bucket list
  128. Research, plan and start saving for a BIG TRIP
  129. Focus on becoming more intuitive
  130. Celebrate my 40th birthday when I turn 41!
  131. Play more podcasts
  132. Make my last wishes known
  133. Expand my music listening horizons
  134. Write my baby's birth stories
  135. Wear perfume
  136. Visit my tree
  137. Take myself out to lunch
  138. Learn to let go of things I don't need anymore
  139. Learn to use chopsticks
  140. Give up doing laundry
  141. Have family photos taken
  142. Learn a bit of coding
  143. Create things and release them into the world
HA... number 140 is a dream I will never realise with 4 kids LOL But I can do my best with the rest!

I am going to print up this list this year and post it somewhere I can easily see it.  Maybe even keep a copy on my phone for quick reference. This year I'm gonna shine!

2014... Surprisingly Good

With only half an hour left of 2014 I am looking back to see what this year held for me.  Boy... What a shock!

It has almost been a YEAR since I blogged!!!  WHAT THE? How on Earth did that time lapse so fast?

Well... Here's how... My year in a nutshell!

  • I discovered that being a mother means MY NEW YEAR really doesn't begin until February when the kids go back to school!
  • My little girl began kindergarten! While my big boys were in Grades 2 & 3!
  • I wondered why I was so tired in February and the answer was positive while I went into shock!

  • My husband started a food vending business...

 Nicely Spiced
  • ...and we bought a food van to start renovating! She's almost done!

  • We welcomed pets into our home. And sadly lost some too.

  • I turned 40 years old.
  • My Daisybug needed glasses!

  • My son Mitchell got to play basketball with the WILDCATS!

  • I lost a work colleague and two school friends this year. They all affected me deeply in very different ways. I learned a lot.  A dear friend lost her mother too. Again... I have and am learning so much through her loss.
  • I had my baby at 34 weeks gestation. 6 weeks early. We named him Ethan Trevor and he is thriving now after a very tiny start to life. He is my heart's joy!



  • My kids did great at the school sports carnival!


  • My Ashie Splash had his tonsils out!

  • My husband met Peppa Pig and her little brother George!

It's funny. I was thinking that besides the birth of my son Ethan and the birth of the business, 2014 was pretty empty and void of highlights. In fact I was mentally counting the losses and hardships it had brought. But it really wasn't all toil and trouble. There were so many lessons.  But there really was so much to celebrate too.

The year didn't turn out at all how I anticipated that it would. But it served me the most beautiful curve ball I could imagine and I am so grateful.

Now, I get to release 2014 and look into 2015 and dive in! I am so excited!!!

I hope that 2014 was kind to you and that no matter what, 2015 brings you incredible opportunities for joy.