About Me

Waiting for dreams to come true is all well and good.  
They might.  They might not.  
Making dreams come true is so much more fun!  

I could describe who I am, but I'd much rather share who 
I continually aspire to be.  

I am adventurous, mirthful, courageous, daring, sentimental, loving, compassionate, overflowing with laughter, living life in all its glory and eager to encourage others to enter 'the sparkle zone' to do the same.

I will not wait for "one day" anymore.  
Today is what matters most.  
I am present, mindful, joyous, even in the shadows that life casts upon us all from time to time.  
I will always have hope, strive for peace, earn my knowledge and 
expand my heart.

I am mother, lover, friend, helper, healer, student, teacher, dreamer, artist, creator and anything else I need to be to make this life as beautiful as 
it is intended to be.

Perth, Western Australia is where I call home.  
I have three beautiful babies, a husband, a wonky dog and two sweet little bunnies.
I also have a never ending to-do list and a laundry pile that keeps me humble.

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