Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ready to Bloom into Term 3!

With only one day of school holidays to go, it feels like time to get planning for TERM 3 of 2013!

We have had lots of rest time.  As it turned out, the holidays did not contain all that much activity outside park visits, computer games, movies (home and cinema), the kids playing "real minecraft" in the backyard with shovels and sticks and lots of lazing about.  Just what we needed.  It would have been lovely to add in some adventure... But there is time for that later!  We are all well rested and gearing up for getting on with the next phase of the school year!

Wow, how fast is this year flying by?

The other compelling reason for some planning is, we have passed the half way mark of the year! Only 5 and a little bit months until this year's dreams and goals need to be reviewed for next year's resolutions!  YIKES!

So, here are my hopes for the next 10 weeks!

  • Complete my Certificate III Education Assistant course, including placement for 2 weeks!
  • Take another belly dancing class!
  • Go back to yoga.
  • Work on my studies for Crisis Supporter for Lifeline.
  • Streamline how our home runs.
  • Declutter all the kid's clothes that are too small!
  • Do The Desire Map workbook! 
  • Run a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser for Step Up For MS 2014.
  • Revisit my Amazing Life and Biz Academy Incredible Year Workbooks.
  • Give this blog and it's Facebook page a kick start!
  • Get Christmas planning underway.
  • Celebrate my son's 8th birthday and begin planning for my daughter's 4th!
  • Pump some life into my Nutrimetics business and Facebook page.
  • Plan for the NEXT school holidays, including some adventure!
Well that's 14 hopes.  Some of them are rather hefty in time consumption.  But all we can do is put it out there and get to work on making it happen!  Some hopes are more flexible than others.  But I am really feeling an urge to make a HUGE IMPACT on life this next school term.  I feel ready for some big changes!  

Bring it on!  

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