Sunday, June 9, 2013


I love that title... It makes me laugh.  :-)

I'm not actually a SPARKLING SUCCESS STORY in my own mind.  But I'm certainly a work in progress.

Yesterday afternoon my gorgeous friend Coralie (Check out her photography webpage!) spotted little old me, sitting there as a testimonial in Leonie Dawson's Amazing Biz and Life Academy newsletter!

I couldn't work out what she was on about at first.  LOL I thought she'd gone nuts! How did I get in there?  

Then it clicked...

I remember writing that!!! Waaaaaaay back in January!  

I had forgotten all about it.  I saw the request for testimonials, wrote it, lodged it and promptly forgot I'd even done it.  

Here is the part that interests me though...  The timing!  (Timing is a concept that is intriguing me lately...  Synchronicity everywhere!)

I have been feeling very lack lustre for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  My health hasn't been so good.  My children's health hasn't been good.  Our sleep, as a consequence has not been good.  Less than nothing has been done around my house - what a sty!  Life has tossed a few hot potatoes in my direction and I've been grappling with those...  And then, as always, my head and heart work overtime on 'things' sometimes and I have felt the need to retreat into my cave and stay there for a while, to hurt, to discover, to heal.  (Yet another blog post to write! I need to make a list!)  

I have just been laying low and waiting for the mojo to find me again.

Then Coralie saw the testimonial and I got to read my own words.

Boy, can I kick my own ass back into the 'Sparkle Zone!' or what?

When I wrote that testimonial I was feeling so filled with a colourful life for the first time in years.  I'd found enough get-up-and-go and some wonderful tools to help me, and had a reality check from life that I didn't ignore for the first time.  It was awesome and I really was feeling a buzz through my veins as I found my wings.

But yep, life isn't always easy.  I found my flat spot recently.  And then - timing!  My own words reminding me of how I felt and how I can feel again if I just pull up my saggy socks and get back on the horse!

So, here I am... :-)  The first day of a new week and I'm going to leave that lull I've been having in a flurry of sparkle-dust. 

Coming along for the ride?

If you want to read the testimonial I wrote click here!  


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