Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Week in Review

Cough... That sums up this week just passed!
  • Recovering from bugs = sleep, hot baths, hot drinks + lots of tissues
  • Put in a Nutrimetics order. :-)
  • Filled in school paperwork for excursions
  • Listed 1 item on Gumtree!
  • Belly dancing class!
  • Listened to a podcast and did a jigsaw puzzle, then completed the associated worksheet to the podcast.
  • Meditation
  • Got my new coin belt in the mail!  <SHIMMMMY>
  • Wrote a blog post about 100 Things to do This Year
  • Worked on a couple of draft posts
  • Kept 2 boys busy as they were home from school - 1 sick, 1 with an injured foot
  • Read "The Desire Map"
  • Did jigsaw puzzles online
  • Watched Mitchell's school assembly! Proud of my boy-person!
  • Baked a cake
  • Watched Dirty Dancing and folded laundry
  • Friendship malfunction... sigh
  • Slept, coughed, slept, woke, coughed, slept some more.
  • Had coffee with Jenfriend
So happy to see the back end of this week.  Bring on a new, healthy energetic one!

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