Monday, June 17, 2013

My Week in Review!

Another week drifted on by!
  • Wrote about my testimonial for the Amazing Biz and Life Academy appearing in the latest newsletter.  Read the blog post here!
  • Welcomed a new family member - Bunny!
  • Had coffee with Jenfriend!
  • Went FREE Kindle book shopping on Amazon (Just a little bit of a book buying frenzy!)
  • Tweaked my blog and Facebook Page, and wrote about it
  • Got my shimmy on at Belly Dancing class!  (Where did my coordination go? I only missed a week!)
  • Made pikelets.
  • Collected a sick boy from school... (SIGH)
  • Had a sick boy at home from school for a day
  • Exercised my wordsmithing abilities helping a friend advertise her business
  • Spent time with Bunny
  • Signed up for STEP UP FOR MS 2014!  (Can't freakin' wait! And if you feel the love, don't hesitate to donate!)
  • Watched a webinar while folding laundry! (A whole lot of laundry!)
  • Completed Day 1 of Couch to 5km's
  • Made chocolate chip pikelets
  • Wrote a blog post about my 2014 Step Up for MS Challenge
  • Cleaned out the Daisybug's bedroom!
  • Supervised Rob's tree lopping of the dead tree in our yard
And onto the next!!!  :-)

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