Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Week in Review

This week's underlying thread... Connection!  It is a blog post in itself!
  • Sleeping
  • Wading through laundry in an effort to catch up again - sigh
  • Listened to a podcast
  • Reconnected with a couple of friends (far from caught up, but we made contact!)
  • Earned $7 by selling 2 bags of baby stuff on Gumtree!  (Go me!)
  • More podcast listening (and jigsaw puzzling)
  • Arranged a coffee date with a lovely online friend who is coming to town soon! (Exciting!)
  • Got myself an eye infection - ouch! Got myself some drops and ointment to cure it - ahhhh!
  • Made some new friends
  • Reconnected with more old friends
  • Tending to sick babies
  • Went clothes shopping! (2 pair pants, 2 skirts and various other bits and pieces!) 
  • Acquired a rabbit hutch!!!  (No bunnies yet!)
  • Baked carrot cup cakes
  • Dinner partying with friends.  AMAZING food, WONDERFUL company!
  • Reached a deeper understanding and relationship mending
  • Found out that Leonie Dawson of the AMAZING BIZ & LIFE ACADEMY featured a testimonial I had written forever ago, in the latest newsletter!  Read it here. What a treat!
It has been a difficult couple of weeks for me.  The mojo has been low, the learning curve has been in overdrive.  My health has been faltering.  But I feel like I'm getting back on top now... I hope I am! :-)

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