Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Week In Review!

The Weekend...

The best laid plans can sometimes go pear-shaped.  We were going on a day trip to Busselton, but delays caused us to reschedule. We did have a busy weekend though, nonetheless.
  • Talked to my daddy on the phone.
  • Went to Kmart - bought bicycle locks and kids clothes
  • Went to Coles - bought plastic containers for the kitchen
  • Went to Gosnells Markets - got eyebrows waxed and bought fresh fruit and veg
  • Went to Bunnings - bought casters, plants and the kids had a play!  Drooled a lot.
  • Cleaned out the bunny cages
  • Reorganised our pantry!
  • Caught up on washing
  • Dyed my hair
  • Enjoyed the kids giving their Papa, Father's Day gifts in bed
  • Woke up to find a missing bunny! I guess I didn't close the cage properly, so after some hunting, we found him.  Then after some coaxing, I caught him and returned him to his hutch.
  • Got ready to go to Busselton
  • Started driving and realised I'd left a bag of gear behind that we needed & one child had no shoes! Decided to reschedule.
  • Came home and had bacon and eggs
  • Enjoyed a nap
  • Spent some time researching bicycle accessories
  • Went for a ride with the family
  • Went out for dinner
The Week
  • Took the Daisybug on a bus and train journey to the city to collect some important papers
  • Caught up with the folding
  • Went to belly dancing class
  • Did a ton of online browsing for bike gear, belly dancing gear, boots, candles etc
  • Took a hot lunch to school for the boy people whilst letting the Daisybug jump in muddy puddles!
  • Did my e-learning for Lifeline, Mental Health
  • Did some stair climbing at the train station while waiting for a friend! <puff puff>
  • Bought shoes online
  • Went to Lifeline for face to face training
  • Slept a lot
  • My bike trailer arrived!!!
  • Spent an afternoon with my brother and his family at the park!
  • Had coffee and biscuits with my Jenfriend
  • Took hot lunch to the boy-people at school again - 10 mins on the bike!
  • Voted
  • Posted letters
  • The children had friends over after school
  • Took the kids to the shop on the bikes - NOT DOING THAT AGAIN ANY TIME SOON!
  • Home made fast food - chips and nuggets!
  • Wrote this post because I couldn't sleep
Hopes for this weekend...
  • Clean up the house
  • Clean up the patio
  • Do some study
  • Get casters on the rabbit hutches
  • Do some blogging

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