Monday, September 9, 2013

Krispy Kreme For MS!

Who feels like some Krispy Kreme Doughnut love in Perth?

I am beginning my fundraising efforts for 2014's Step Up For MS Challenge, right now, with a Krispy Kreme fundraiser.

Orders can be made now until September 27th, via email or through my On Sparkling Wings Facebook Page.  Just send me a message with what you desire, and I will respond to confirm your order and send you my bank details or Paypal details so that you can pay.  All payments must be made by September 27th.

Your delicious, delectable, doughy love bombs will be delivered via airplane to Perth on October 13th, where we will arrange for you to collect or us to drop off! :-)

So exciting!!!

One dozen of Krispy Kreme's Classic Doughnuts cost $21 or One dozen Mixed Krispy Kreme's cost $25.

All money raised go to my Step Up For MS Challenge fundraising efforts.  :-)

Yes, I'll be climbing Central Park again next year!  1103 stairs await me... May 4th 2014!  Bring it on!  I have a lofty goal of $3000 to raise this year!  Please help me do this and support people with MS!

Of course, if you are not in Perth, Western Australia, and can not partake in my yummy Krispy Kreme Fundraiser, please feel free to support me by making a donate directly to my Step Up For MS page.

All of your support is greatly appreciated.  It would be wonderful to see a world free of MS sometime very soon!

Now get your order in!

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