Sunday, September 1, 2013

Secure Home and Adventurous Trips

Eeek, I've very quickly fallen behind.  That was NOT my intention but somehow time just slipped between my fingers.  Oh well... Catch up time! :-)  I'm not skipping any of this section, because I want to explore it fully.

Today's prompt... Or Day 23's...

What is your level of location independence and your Nomadic Quotient?

When I wrote about my perfect day I was surrounded by comforts of a home, family, friends, security of work, community and a hint of freedom each day.  I did not envision a day travelling as 'perfect', although it so easily could be.

I could have written about waking up in a chalet somewhere in Europe, riding my bicycle to a bakery to buy fresh bread and cheese to eat by the river or a canal.  I could have imagined riding a horse to the edge of Lake Louise and enjoying a picnic in the autumn sunshine.  I could have envisioned walking through markets in India, or Brazil, or Vietnam...  Focusing on a visit to the bubbling mud of Rotorua, Disneyland in Florida, or Lapland to visit Santa!  An elephant ride in Thailand, watching giraffes in the wild somewhere in Africa...

All of these could and would be perfect.

But I surprised myself with a story of contentment at home.  :-)

This does not mean anything when it comes to my urge to travel, find adventure and see the world.  It simply means I want a secure home base to return to.

Ideally, I think I would travel 2 or 3 times a year, a month or two at a time - returning "home" in between to nest and work and recharge for the next destination.

I know that when I have travelled before, I LOVED it.  I felt like a different person on my own and away from ome.  I didn't have to 'be' who everyone knew me to be.  I could BE anyone I liked, do anything I wanted and no one around me would question if it was out of character.  I was free to experiment, to take risks, to manage the fall out if things went pear-shaped and to grow in new directions.

Just talking about it makes me feel giddy.

Some of the best experiences I had whilst travelling where the pear-shaped ones. Certainly, at the time those moments were emotion charged and often chaotic.  But in the softer vision of hindsight, those same experiences were enriching, hilarious and I wouldn't change them.  Every one had a silver lining. And silver linings foster gratitude.

So what is my Nomadic Quotient?  My Propensity for Adventure?

I think in years gone by, although I was experimenting with who I was when I was free, travelling solo...  I was not as courageous with the boundaries as I could have been.  In the past 2 or 3 years I feel I have had a big leap into daringness.  I think its something to do with getting older, wiser, and over giving a shit what people might think.  Although it felt I was free when I travelled in my mid 20's, I wasn't as brave as I feel now.

So with that in mind... I see myself far more adventurous than I was before.  Where in the past I'd have turned down the opportunity to swim with dolphins because I might look silly in a wet suit and I am not an athletic swimmer, today I'd get in there without the damn wetsuit if I had to!  Where I'd have shied away from climbing a tower or a bridge or riding a bike or a horse to see something unmissable, because I don't do exercise...  Well now I'd just do it and be focused on the sight and see the strenuous part as good for me.  Where I'd hesitate to talk to strangers then, I'd just do now.  What's the worst that can happen?  Making a fool of yourself can be funny!  Making friends can be priceless.  You'll either come out with one of the two outcomes... :-)

I can feel my feet itching!

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