Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Magazine Article - Published!!!


A few weeks ago my gorgeously creative friend Pepi from depepi.com told me she was starting and e-magazine and invited me to contribute an article!  

WOW...  Me?  Really?

I've never identified as any kind of writer.  I hated handing in any kind of writing in school...  My blog... Well its more for me than anything else!

But, what the hell!  

Despite having no clue what to do.  I told her I'd do it.  

Interestingly her aim for the magazine is to promote Indie Authors, Artists and the "Indie Revolution" at large.  That scared me even more!  I'm certainly not "indie" anything in my mind!  But the first issue was dedicated to, "starting up" and "beginnings."  I figured I could work with just that topic in mind and forget all the scary stuff... :-)

So... If you want to read my article submission you shall have to go and buy Depepi Magazine!

(This is an affiliate link - just so you know! :-)  

Besides my humble little article and illustration, you'll find lots more articles from amazing folks and all kinds of interesting articles from the world of Tarot and Lenormand - Pepi's passion.  

In hindsight... I'm still no writer or "indie" anything... :-) But it was fun to write, and most certainly an experience I've ever had before.  And I'm all about new experiences lately! :-)  Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

May I have this dance?

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