Wednesday, May 29, 2013

100 Things To Do This Year - List 1

It is 3am and I'm feeling yucky.  Blocked sinuses, gunky breathing, coughing, watery eyes.  You know the drill.  YUCK.

Since I can't sleep and I feel horrible, I thought I'd do a check in on an exercise I did early in the year from the Amazing Biz + Life Academy's workbooks and planner for 2013.

The idea was to create a list of 100 things you'd like to do this year.  They could be anything from tiny to-do's to dreams come true.  You just had to list 100.

I got stuck at about 26 I think.  I had to sit there a while and work through the block, and them BOOM! Riding a camel popped into my head.  Naturally!  And I was off and running again!  I went above and beyond 100 things.  Some of those I will filter off into a "Bucket List" if they involve more time or money than I can spare at present.  But the exercise went so well that I had to divide my list into 'sectors' to keep my head straight.  I came out with 5 lists to work on in the areas of:

  • Me! 
  • Kids!
  • Home!
  • Creativity!
  • Money!

I'm going to share the ME! list now.  I'm just curious to see what I've achieved so far.  I need a morale boost (hopefully) or a kick in the pants - possibly both!

  1. Climb Central Park Tower in the Step Up For MS Challenge
  2. Raise $250! (I raised $1,145!!!)
  3. Journal regularly
  4. Complete Certificate III Ed Suport
  5. Get a Pap Smear (WHOOHOO! Living the dream!)
  6. Convert old home movies to DVD
  7. Sort and store old digital photos
  8. Go to King's Park and spend the day alone exploring
  9. Try yoga (Love it!)
  10. Visit my friend Coralie of Rainbow Farm Photography
  11. Learn to crochet
  12. Get a massage
  13. Try at least one 'ugly' food
  14. Scrapbook the kid's keepsakes
  15. Visit Nana (I want to do this again before the end of the year!)
  16. Tell my Nana I love her
  17. Tell my whole family I love them
  18. Send more birthday cards
  19. Email long distance friends at least twice each over the year
  20. Write a real hand written letter to someone!
  21. Create a 'creative space' for myself
  22. Try Zumba
  23. Send updated photographs of the children to family members who'd love to see them
  24. Buy a corset!
  25. Try belly dancing LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  26. Get my old hard drive retrieved
  27. Learn more Dutch
  28. Ride a camel
  29. Re-string and play around with my dusty old neglected guitar
  30. Drink more tea
  31. Get myself a bicycle
  32. Build a deeper relationship with someone who matters <3
  33. Write my baby's birth stories
  34. See the ophthalmologist
  35. Become an organ donor
  36. Put some chalk in my bag and write some love notes to the world and random strangers
  37. Pay a total stranger a compliment
  38. Dye my hair a crazy colour 
  39. Try video calling someone I haven't seen in a long long time
  40. Write a bucket list
  41. Spend a day being crafty
  42. Expand my musical library
  43. Watch a few more movies
  44. Go to the cinema alone for a girly flick
  45. Read at least 12 books (Tally is at 1 so far!)
  46. Create something fun like an origami toy and give to a child on a train or bus
  47. Buy myself new pillows
  48. Get my sunglasses fixed
  49. Spend a day at the zoo alone
  50. Journal my romances
  51. Do some drawing I'm trying!
  52. Use my reader
  53. Learn to be calmer when the kids drive me mad! LOL
  54. Do a self defence course
  55. Write my children's book
  56. Watch "HOUSE" in full
  57. Learn to sing
  58. Sing in public - get over a fear
  59. Apply for LifeLine Telephone Counselling Start training in July!
  60. Get my tooth fixed
  61. Care for my skin more
  62. Buy jeans
  63. Run 5kms
  64. Find a way to earn extra money
  65. Go to lunch with friends more
  66. Go out for coffee on my own and people watch
  67. Get dressed up, go for drinks, dancing and laughing with friends - its been too long
  68. Get a manicure and pedicure
  69. Get photos taken
  70. Create a dream board
  71. Make my last wishes known
  72. Get myself a jewellery box that fits everything!
  73. Get my birthday and address books updated
  74. Exercise my gonads - be more assertive
  75. Start a public blog TA-DA!
  76. Scrapbook my wedding album
  77. Store my keepsakes properly
  78. Develop my intuition
  79. Listen to more podcasts
  80. Bake more So far so good
  81. Make more long distance phone calls
  82. Make life simpler with routines
  83. Create a reading nook
  84. Have an organised and 'traditional' christmas
  85. Send a 'just because' gift to someone
  86. Volunteer at the school Started out with playgroup and now working on a literacy program
  87. Horse riding lessons
  88. Declutter my house!
  89. Study something I love for fun
  90. Try "green smoothies"
  91. Give up Coke - again...
  92. Try applique
  93. Buy myself a red dress
  94. Get some awesome boots
  95. Walk more
  96. Eat meals and take coffee breaks outdoors
  97. Sit in the sun and think
  98. Go on a trip somewhere alone to somewhere new
  99. Go swimming
  100. Learn to do the splits
14 out of 100... Not bad... But I can do better!  I have a second 100 list for me in progress.

Watch this space...  :-)  I'll cross off more things soon.  And I'll share my other 'lists' as well. 

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