Monday, May 13, 2013

My Week In Review!

The highlights of the week just gone! :-)
  • Baked chocolate cupcakes, jam scrolls and date cupcakes for school lunches!
  • Finished reading "One Minute Millionaire."
  • Received an acceptance letter to join the LifeLine Telephone Counselling course, commencing July 3rd! (Scary excitement!)
  • Salvaged the lounge room after school holidays! (Oh what delights lie beneath the sofa! LOL)
  • Cleaned my babies' cot now its done being used as a cot. 
  • Soaked in 3 podcasts.
  • Coffee with Jenfriend.
  • Ruminating with Bev.
  • MEGA fruit and vegetable shop... So much food!
  • Culinary experiment - gajar halwa. Thumbs up but a bit less sugar next time.
  • Made a giant spaghetti sauce!  
  • Stocked the freezer with at least 6 meals of spag bol sauce and 6 tubs of homemade tomato soup (Rob's handiwork!)
  • Caught up on my blanket fort circle reading!
  • Mother's Day celebrations in bed with my babies.
  • More coffee with Jenfriend!
  • Lots of folding laundry!
  • Long soak in the tub with a book!
  • Took the kids on a 5.5km walk!
Onto another week!  Hope you have a great one! :-)

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