Monday, May 20, 2013

My Week In Review!

Another big week!  Lots of fun!
  • Caught up with photo uploads on Facebook!
  • Ophthalmology appointment.
  • Napping
  • My first ever belly dancing class!  (LOVE IT but soooo lacking in coordination and upper body strength!)
  • LOTS of walking!
  • Wrote a blog post about my Depepi Magazine Article being published and on sale! <3 Awesome experience!
  • Yoga class!!!  (Soooo needed that!)
  • Volunteered at playgroup.
  • Attended a meeting for a new literacy catch-up program they are starting at school and signed up for 2 mornings a week starting next Wednesday!
  • Two of the boy's friends came to play after school one afternoon!
  • Created myself a mobile "working basket" containing all the stuff I need all of the time.  (Future blog post here!)
  • Set an incredible goal that makes me happy, makes many other goals fall into place and inspires imagination! <3 
  • Note taking from my text book!
  • Walked down DOOL memory lane with new friends! :-)
  • Got inspired to write something!
  • Started writing!
  • Shelved writing for now...
  • Dealt with the repercussions of 3 wet beds in one night! Lots of washing!
  • Created two costumes for a disco with items we had around the house.  Batman and Luke Skywalker!
  • Chatted on the phone with a wonderful new friend for an hour or two!
  • Made a big decision about life... 
  • Caught up on sleeping
  • Lots of reading!
  • Lots of laundry...  as always!
Its funny... I feel like I achieve more in the beginning part of the week and very little at the end.  
Oh well!!!

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