Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Week in Review

This week has been a bit quieter than its been in a long time.  I would love the productivity, but I need peace.

* Belly dancing class!
* Bought myself a coin belt and fell in love with costumes.
* Folded and sorted a ton of laundry.  Working on giving away some unnecessary items.
* Did a lot of dancing to loud music on my own!
* Made an enormous decision about how I will spend my time up until the end of this year.
* Reading
* Yoga class
* Started volunteering at school with a literacy program
* Made a decision that's making me uncomfortable and am now problem solving it.
* Had a sick little boy come home twice from school
* Food shopping
* Coffee with Jenfriend
* Had social plans fall through... So we shall reschedule and I will have a self indulgent night in be with a good book.
* Committed to taking up running...  Believe it or not!
* Found myself a too friendly virus and gave it a home for a few days... :-/
* Hot baths
* Sleeping

Emotional ups and downs... Physical ups and downs...  Wheeee...

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