Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where in the world...

Whooohooo! I'm so keen for Day 22 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!  Act 3, the third part of this journey is focused on how to live the travel dreams you love to imagine while living the business dreams you aspire toward!

If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

As excited as I am by the question... I can't answer it!!!  I can't say just ONE place I'd settle down and live my entire life if I had all my wishes come true!  There are so many beautiful places in the world that call me for so many beautiful reasons.

At the risk of being cliche, I think I know that no matter how far, or how wide I roam, I'll still call Australia home.

But that doesn't mean I'll LIVE here! Is that bad?

My family and all my childhood friends live here.  My memories of growing up, growing into myself, growing into a parent, are all rooted firmly in the Australian soil.

I remember the day before I first travelled overseas, I went for a long walk and as I passed beneath the rustelling laves of the gum trees down my street, I wondered if there would be any such backdrop sound where I was headed to.  Or if that greyish green foliage would be matched by any other plants I might find over the oceans...

The answer was no...  Nothing I've found so far makes up for the special place a row of gum trees has in my heart.  But oh how did I LOVE the new exciting discoveries I made.  I have so many new places in my heart for the things I saw, learned, experienced, for the people I met.  And there are so many places in my heart that have yet to be filled.  But they will when I spread my wings and fly again.

So... now I've made my heart's enduring tie known, acknowledged my belonging - no matter what.  Where would I live?

My dream come true image from

I definitely want to live where the leaves change colour in the autumn.  Where snow comes on the winter winds.  I want white christmases, to ice-skate on a natural lake, to wear a real winter coat and make snowmen with my kids.  I want to crave the first blades of grass in spring, the first flower, the first  new baby deer, or rabbit to be seen for the year.  I want to sit and soak in the warmth of the sun while the children run under he sprinkler, and I sip on cool lemonade.

I want community where I live.  Where people talk in the streets with one another, whether they are long lost friends or never laid eyes upon each other before.  I want the local cafe to know how I like my coffee and the librarian to set aside books they think I might love.  I want my kids to attend a school that feels like a second home filled with one giant family.  I need a fresh green grocer, a butcher a baker, not a over-priced carbon cut out supermarket selling me year old frozen produce from the storage bins.  I want to know the name of my postman!  I want to talk to the other parents in the park, know that they are keeping an eye out for my children and have them feel confident that I will do the same.  My neighbours are welcome to borrow a cup of sugar, stay for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.  My friends can just drop in, and I can do the same to them.  I want my kids to have that wonderful extended  group of Aunts and Uncles that are not any blood relatives at all!

Where I live, I want freedom!  Green grass to roll in, hills to slide down on cardboard boxes, woods to ride horses through or take a walk in.  I want a place to sit and enjoy nature, watch the sun come up and go down and maybe even take a swim beneath a beautiful old tree.

I also desire adventure!  Easy access to arts, culture, fairs, concerts, historical tours, sightseeing, things to see and do!

I don't want much...

And when I'm not HOME in Australia, or HOME, wherever the above criteria lies, I will be everywhere else in between!

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