Monday, August 12, 2013

A Blissful Day

Here we are, Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge by The Suitcase Entrepreneur! How exciting, and fast, can a week fly by?  Just 2 days and the first week is over!

Today's challenge topic is to write:

What does your perfect day look like?

I think I may have already inadvertently covered this in my blog post for Day 2. You can read it here.  So I am going to do another perfect day, this time, in a slightly different format to keep it interesting.  :-)
The tips for writing this post suggest focusing on the senses, writing in the present tense and be extremely descriptive to really paint the scene, make it vivid.

The staccato of rain drops on the balcony roof and scent of freshly rained upon earth wafts through my bedroom window.  I open my eyes and the dim, cool blue of the dawn, before the sun rises, surrounds my warm bed.  I see the soft billowing of the curtain as it catches in the breeze.  I poke my toes out from their warm blanket cave to feel the cool caress of that breeze on my skin.  It's delightful, so I unravel my legs from the covers and lie there, legs exposed.  
I think about my day and I remember the previous night.   I smile.

I sit on the floor facing the window.  The soles of my feet are pressed together and I feel the amazing stretch of muscles down my back and in my thighs.  I watch the sun as it creeps over the horizon across the paddock.  I see the silhouette of horses grazing. As I move my body, stretch my limbs, the sky turns from dusty blue to gold and then a brilliant blue emerges as I feel beads of sweat rolling over my skin. I do a final salutation to the sun and head for the pool.  The cool clear water shocks the senses but it feels silken against my skin.  I do a lap or two then roll onto my back and float beneath the morning sky, listening to my breathing in my ears that are below the water line, slow, steady and deep.  

My love dives into the water beside me and swims a lap or two then comes to greet me, all cool and fresh.  We swim and float together.

We sit beside the pool and enjoy our breakfast of croissants filled with ham and cheese and salad.  There's fresh fruit salad and an enormous frothy mocha too, besides the pulpy yumminess of orange juice.  We talk and laugh together and soak up the morning sun.  The children join us, giggling and roughhousing.  They eat their breakfast whilst telling silly jokes and making faces that leave us all laughing. 

I try to get dressed and put makeup on but its difficult when I keep being swatted with damp towels and having socks flung at my head.  I give up and dive onto the bed where my love sits, laughing at me and we rough and tumble and lose ourselves in one another's attention.  Fast forward to...

Attempt two of getting dressed is more successful and is only interrupted by meaningful glances, gentle caresses and promises of 'later'.  We meet the children at the front door. We collect our bags and load everything into the car.  We get in, belt up, crank up the tunes and drive with the windows open and the wind blowing our hair.  We  sing and laugh and chatter excitedly about the day.

As we sip juices in the cafe attached to the aquarium I listen to the excitement of my son as he tells me about feeding the penguins, his favourite of favourite animals.  It's impossible not to be infected by his enthusiasm!  My other son is entertaining us with his best seal impersonation.  I notice the family at the table next to us is also appreciative of his throaty comical barking!  My daughter is talking non-stop about the seahorses that she saw, and the crabs, and the turtles, and the stingray that was looking at her though the glass!  We gather or rubbish, put it in the bin and head off the MY thrill of the day.   

I slip my dry clothes back on over my cool skin.  I roll up the wetsuit to return to the amazing staff members who helped me make a dream come true!  Finally I have been able to swim with dolphins!  I'm still reeling at the feel of their soft, sleek leathery skin as they propelled me so fast through the water!  I hear their little clicky squeaky voices singing and I want to go right back in and do it all over again!  It was incredibly magical.  But I am itching to see the photos and tell my children how it was, and lunch... pooh lunch...  I need food!  Its tiring being so excited!

I share my excitement with the kids, and we all agree that its something we all want to experience.  Perhaps we'll plan a holiday somewhere where we can all swim with dolphins together?  Or maybe next holiday we can go see the Elephants in Thailand?  We talk and dream in our restaurant booth and I soak up the amazing flavours of my pasta and salad.  I love fresh basil and greens!  When we are all contentedly full, we head back to the aquarium to explore some more!

I'm sitting at the top of the slide with my kids all lined up in front of me.  Whoosh, wheeee go down and land at the bottom in a squealing, giggling heap!  My love and I play on the see-saw together, then I retreat to the park bench near by to catch my breath and take some photos.  I love playing in the park!

We all sit on the grass, soaking in the sun whilst sipping icy juice and munching watermelon and grapes.  

The white curtain in my bedroom billows up as the wind catches it.  I feel the cool on my skin as I snuggle onto my bed and succumb to a delicious nap.

I awake to discover my little one snuggled on the bed beside me, still sleeping.  I kiss her head and hug her gently.  I crawl out of bed and freshen myself up in the bathroom.  A lovely warm soak in the tub brings me to life again.

I sit at my desk, checking messages and returning a phone call while I watch my boys play basketball in the yard.  After half an hour of doing paperwork, I make a call to a client.  We talk on the phone after he finishes work, every second week.  The call lasts about 40 minutes.  I then pack my bag with the papers I will need tomorrow.  I lick my filing cabinet and close the office door behind me.

I sit on the lounge room floor with my family, around the large pile of fish and chips that are on the white butchers papert between us.  We laugh as we eat, watching a comedy movie.  We snuggle in blankets on the sofa afterward and enjoy one another's company.  I sit curled in the arms of my love and feel the warmth of our babies around us.

I crawl into bed and nestle into the pillows at my back.  I sip my tea and feel my kitty purring on the bed beside me.  He's always so warm and loving.  That sound makes me so calm.  I put on my glasses and lose myself in the pages of my book.  

My love crawls into bed beside me and I put my book away.  He kisses me and we curl together in the dark.  I close my eyes and drift off to dream of dolphins and waves and seagulls flying on the breeze.

30 day challenge

It seems that my Perfect Day could, with not so many tweaks, be closer to my Real Day than I thought. :-)  This is so nice to know.

It seems we spend so much time focusing on the negatives of a day and dreaming about what could be tomorrow that we lose sight of what we have, and what can be easily implemented, into today and right now!
Busselton sunrise, Western Australia. Photographed by Coralie Plozza from
Rainbow Farm Photography.
Please see for more. 

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