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Doing it MY Way!

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Day 6!!!

30 day challenge

I'm learning a lot about myself doing this 30 Day Blog Challenge by The Suitcase Entrepreneur!

Most surprisingly is that I'm not actually as far off from where I want to be as I thought I was!  There are many tweaks to be made, but really, there are many things in my life that are what I want them to be!  All I had to do was really look closely and SEE what I have rather than what I have not.  And now that I have done so, the next step is to focus on those tweaks to make it better than it already is!

What an amazing discovery? :-)

So Day 6's topic to address is:

What are my THREE priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer to living my life on my own terms?

The tip here is to aim high, but achievable!

It seems that the best place to begin to answer this, is to identify what isn't as I want it to be in my life so that I know where to invest my energies for the next 30 days.  It is never too much fun to face up to what isn't working, but here goes...

Money...  Things have improved vastly in the past 6 months.  But they can be better.  Focusing on creating additional streams of income (permanent or temporary it does not matter) will definitely help other aspects of my lifestyle improve.

Creativity...  Ahhh creativity...  How I long for you but never really give myself permission enough to immerse myself in you.  Lack of time, self doubt, lack of space to spread out, limited knowledge of how to create what I have in my imagination, waiting for its chance to be real.  So many excuses...  If I want to be creative, I have to jumpin and BE CREATIVE.  It seems so simple!

And finally, my third life area to focus on that will propel me toward the life that I want to live I think would have to be HOME.  I feel that my home currently holds me captive in many ways.  It is not as conducive to being creative as I'd like.  There are many things on that "Honey Do" list.  There are things that just don't belong and take up valuable space and thought time that they simply do not deserve.  Recreating my home may well have an incredible positive spin on giving me more freedom in life to enjoy other aspects.

I could name a fourth aspect but That may well be asking too much and spreading my focus too thin, so I shall keep this one under wraps.  Its time will come.  By focusing on just 3 aspects for 30 days, I can see, will give momentum.   I want it all, I want it now.  But that attitude never pans out the way we want.  So, Pace Yourself!

What I wasn't isn't as far as I thought it was...  I need to keep reminding myself of that fact!

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