Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teams Make Light Work

Day 16! This is actually going quite quickly, and despite being business oriented, I'm enjoying it!

30 day challenge

Today's topic is:

How will you build a team round your vision and work smarter instead of harder? 

I actually love this question because although its intent is to make you think about your business vision, it could actually be applied to any part of your life.  It encourages you to think about what you value, what skills you have, what talents you need those around you to exhibit and how you can make it all happen.

The first thing I imagine that you'd need to have BEFORE going after your team is to know exactly what your vision is.  

So for me, at this moment at least, it would be to have a happy loving family, a comfortable home, enough time and money for needs to be met and a few creature comforts and fun to be had. It also means having purpose in my life, right now that is motherhood and undertaking my study.

What do I bring to the table to make this vision a reality?  Love, desire and passion to make it happen, the ability to plan and coordinate the implementation of plans. The energy and enthusiasm to pitch in and do the hard work that's required to make the plans take shape.  The tenacity and enthusiasm to delegate and manage others to help keep the ball rolling.

I also acknowledge that I don't have these abilities every day of the week...  

This means I need tools and people to help me.  

Guidelines, rules, routines, incentives and rewards.  Plans with stepped out strategies of achieving them.

But all of that is hard going if you don't have a team to help bring it to life.  It is possible to do it alone.  Millions of people create a vision single handedly.  But I have to wonder if they could have made their vision that much more significant and sparkling if they shared the work...

Presently, my team includes:

  • My Husband - Bread winner, cooking, parenting, yard work, supermarket runs, chief fixerupper, other duties as required
  • My Friends - Support, mentor, kick my ass, dry my tears, have my back, help me dream and bring me wine and/or chocolate, give me permission when I can't give myself permission.
  • My Children - Give me reasons, create work LOL
  • My Family - As for friends with the addition of bringing lasagne, playing taxi and emergency childcare
  • My Teachers (all of them, including Natalie right now!) - They teach me and support my growth
  • Service Providers that I depend upon - Childcare, home delivery shopping, public transportation etc
Now if I had a business, I know I'd need a more refined support team who fulfil delegated tasks.  Some of those people I may have no relationship with beyond those delegated tasks besides a, "hi, how are you?" said out of courtesy.  But they would be a part, and a valuable part, of making my vision come to be, none the less. They would be a valuable part of the team.  

So too would be my clients, customers and followers.  As my children are my purpose right now, they would be my purpose in a business model.  

To develop the team you need to look at what you have, what you need, what you want and find just who it is, and in what way, you can meet all the requirements to make what you dream a reality.

It isn't weak or lazy or a sign of lack of commitment to let others help create your vision.  In fact it is strong.  It is smart.  It is efficient.  You get to pool your own talents and resources into what you do well and love the most while knowing that the other stuff that matters, is being well taken care of by others who have those specific talents and who are lit up by those things.  It makes sense!

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