Monday, August 19, 2013

My Week In Review!

I forgot to post this last Friday!

My Weekend... :-)
  • Completed my Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault module for Lifeline Crisis Support training  
  • Played Monopoly Revolution with the kids!
  • Watched a movie with Rob.  Identity Thief
  • Did some food shopping
  • Got some clothes bargains for the kids for next year
  • Spend the afternoon with the kids at an 8 year old's birthday party
My Week:
  • Paid bills
  • Located a lost file
  • Scheduled a Krispy Kreme fundraiser for my 2014 Step Up For MS Challenge - details coming soon!
  • Wrote Day 5 and Day 6 blog posts for the 30 Day Blog Challenge.
  • Belly Dancing!
  • Wrote Day 7 blog post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge and added in my own Day 8 topic!
  • Baked banana bread muffins and a double sized banana bread that met a tumbling fate
  • Made wheatbix slice
  • Took my baby boy to the doctor after a mystery allergic reaction
  • Bought a birthday present for my big boy, to add to the one that's a little too big to open (There has to be something to unwrap on the big day!)
  • Snuggled and napped with my sick little one
  • Wrote my Day 9 post
  • Created dozens of little cup cakes for my birthday boy's class, and a huge mess in the kitchen
  • Delivered cakes on foot as well as birthday macaroni cheese
  • Had coffee with Jenfriend
  • Soaked in the bath!  
  • Wrote my post for Day 10
  • Took my birthday boy out to dinner with the family
  • Cleaned my house for the birthday party!
  • Rearranged my kitchen cupboards
Dreams for the weekend...
That my sweet little 8 year old boy has an amazing birthday party to remember!  And that I survive the experience! LOL

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