Monday, August 19, 2013

Sparkling New Directions

Whoohoo!  Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Today's question is EASY!  Loving it!

What 3 things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?  

In lieu of a website, I shall use this blog as my base.  :-)

I want to use this blog to study, explore and share the greatness of others.  I have thought about this for some time, but now is the time to develop those thoughts in black and white.  I know so many amazing people who I admire for one reason, or many.  There are many many more I do not yet have the pleasure of knowing, and I would like to.  I want to explore each of these people, their goals, achievements, dreams, mistakes, beliefs and so on.  I want to examine what makes them tick, what makes them shine and what makes them LOVE their lives.  I want to know what 'their secret is" so I can soak it in, use it to my own advantage and make it available to the world to use for theirs!  I have been considering doing this with a series of interviews/guest posts all with a specific 'format' to follow, so that the questions that will reveal the 'secrets' will be addressed and we hit the mark every time!  I envision it to be something of a spotlight on an individual, a lesson in 'making things happen'.  I want it to be enlightening and educational and inspiring.

The side benefit from taking on a project like this will be that entrepreneurs I know, who are strugging to be known, will get one more avenue for exposure.  People I admire from afar, who dare to dabble in my little dream, will find a new source of admirers and followers, and hopefully a new perspective to look into themselves.  And for anyone just reading along, a wealth of knowledge, all in one place, to draw upon and improve their own lives.

So the second thing I would like to see grow within my blog/website, would be community.  I already have a facebook page where people who read this blog can connect and see what I've been up to here.  But I guess the logical approach would be to expand the blog, expand the readership, encourage more facebook friends, possibly start an email newsletter...

I began this blog for me, to get out of my shell and open up to the world.  It is funny to think that in just over half a year I'm now thinking that maybe, just maybe, I can help others with doing the same, as well as benefitting myself with their natural and learned wisdom.  But to do that, to share that around and make it happen, community is essential.

The final thing I'd love to see my blog allow me to do is further explore my creativity.  I see myself doing this though writing about topics that move me, inspire me.  By unleashing my creativity with colour, drawing, crafting, maybe even sewing.  Poetry perhaps?  Creativity with my children...  Making life beautiful ans sparkling.  That is what this blog was about in the beginning, life in all its aspects, soaring and dipping on sparkling wings.  The part that I feel has been missing to date is my creativity!  So I guess I just need to make time in my life to make it happen then be brave enough to let it be here!

So, there you have it!  :-)  I just honed in on a direction to head in!  Wonderful!

What a beautiful direction to head into!
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