Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Prompting!!!!

Eeek!  Day 8 of The Suitcase Entrepreneur's 30 Day Blog Challenge, has not got an actual challenge topic!  And I'm itching to write!  Who'd have thunk it?  :-)  I've been so hit and miss with blogging that I never imagined I'd be itching to write and not actually have a topic to write on! Let alone encounter that problem within the space of a week!

What an incredible revelation... I actually enjoy writing!

This past week has been filled with revelations actually.  It is very liberating when you grow into your skin.  There is a long way to go, I know this. But I am feeling more and more comfortable as I go.  And I like this feeling very much.

I love the realisation that I have the majority of the framework of my life already in place.  There are some missing beams and pillars.  There are also some structural modifications that need to happen.  But essentially, a there is a form, a shape of a life that I love, already in existence.  I have my family that I'd die for.  I have passions that keep my mind churning.  I'm learning about myself daily.  I've tasted travel and want more, more, more!  My spiritual self is growing and revealing itself, and in turn, I am also growing and unfurling my wings, showing the colours in the sunlight, finally.  My life framework just needs some remodelling, refurbishing and redecorating...  And maybe a bit of bling!

It isn't just this 30 Day Challenge.  It has been a long succession of high moments, low moments, slaps of reality and well deserved kicks in the pants!  It has been intensifying in the past year or two. But this challenge is keeping life, and what I want from it, square in the forefront of my mind right now.  Right where I need it to be so that I can REALLY dig into it and do something amazing and wonderful.

I posted on my facebook page on Monday, saying, "Oh, how easy it is for LIFE to distract you from LIVING!"

I've done this almost my entire life.  I've done a million things without heart and soul involvement.  I've made choices based on the needs and desires of others.  I have gone against my instinct.  I have even done nothing, letting fear, self-doubt and shame overshadow my light.  In fact I have even given away my power and waited to be rescued.  I am certain I will do all of these things again and again in my life, in the days to come.  We all make mistakes, we all misjudge, we all make choices based upon limited knowledge.  We all gamble with life.  It is how we live.  But, what I hope for in the future, is that I do more LIVING in the now than being distracted by the stuff of LIFE.

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Bring on Day 9!

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  1. So beautiful thank you for sharing Penny and glad you've had so many revelations

  2. Penny,

    Love your enthusiasm! I'm glad you posted on Day 8 so I could discover you. Best of luck on your journey. It is easy to lose the living in the daily grind of life. But it doesn't sound like you are going to let that happen!

  3. Love it :) I'm catching up with the challenge, got behind over the weekend. I too am stepping into a purposeful life, as opposed to the just go with the flow and please everyone else life I was living before. Means creating my business and my life the way I want!