Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catching the Tranquility Bug

Day 9 of The SuitcaseEntrepreneur's 30 Day Blog Challenge!  Whooohooo!

Today's topic isn't as touchy-feely as the previous ones, to my mind anyway.  But the challenge was to get writing!  I'm tackling it head on.  It's just that I have chosen to participate in a blog challenge with a business twist and I don't actually HAVE a business.  Nor do I know what I want to be when I grow up.  So, hurdles can be expected.

But hurdles were created to jump!

Whose online business do you admire most, and why?

There are hundreds upon thousands of online businesses out there.  I'm sure I have only encountered the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to goods and services available on the internet. 

But when I ask myself this question.  One Entrepreneur-Extraordianaire stands out for me.

Kimberly Wilson, is the founder of Tranquil Space yoga studio in Washington DC, designer of an eco-fashion line named TranquiliT, author of three books, Hip Tranquil Chick, Tranquilista, and Tranquilologie, as well as the co-founder of Tranquil Space Foundation.  She is a passionate animal rights activist, hosts a fortnightly podcast, hosts global retreats, creates e-courses and has a wonderful sense of style. She blogs, indulges in creativity, is well educated and has an AMAZING ability to pack life full of goodness while remaining (to the observer) unfrazzled, and indeed, in a state of TRANQUILITY!

How does she do it?

If I could emulate anyone's online business style, perhaps even some elements of lifestyle, it would be Kimberley's.

She has so many beautiful strings to her bow of life:
  • A physical workplace where she holds classes, runs a business, employs others and works with her passion for yoga.  
  • The ability to explore her creativity in her writing.
  • The ability to extend that creativity into a totally different direction with fashion design.
  • Fulfilment from do-gooding in a variety of ways, most notably her own non-profit organisation and animal rights activism.
  • Jaunting off around the world for yoga retreats and all the bliss that travel entails.
  • Creativity through blogging and podcasting and even video podcasting.
  • Creating e-courses.
  • Seemingly an endless thirst for knowledge through study and oh-so-much reading. (She's an excellent source of great non-fiction books to sink your teeth into!)
  • Lover of sparkles, cupcakes, furry creatures, all things pink, Paris, vintage and cute. 
  • She's into art journaling and journaling.  
  • A strong sense of family.
And that's just the public side of her!  I'm sure there has to be more beneath the surface.  The part that makes her who she, is as a person, as a woman. Not just the who public profile.

I admire how she has drawn so many ribbons of passion into the bow she is living.  I'm sure there are parts of running several businesses that don't make her feel giddy with pleasure or even bring on a sense of tranquil bliss.  But the fact that she's obviously living her dreams would go a long way in counteracting the inevitable drudge aspects.  

I also admire that she has so many passions and seems to immerse herself into them fully, and they support her lifestyle completely.  It appears to almost be a positive spiral upward.  She loves what she does. She is rewarded for it, which makes her love what she does even more.  

Who wouldn't want that kind of life?

So, what can I do to emulate Kimberly's lifestyle/business style?

Reading between the lines, I imagine she is IMMENSELY well organised and a tiger when it comes to time management!  I have already identified in Day 7 that I need to hone these skills so that all strings of my life bow can come together neatly, even attractively, rather than what feels some days, to be a helpless ball of knotted wet string!  

Again, in Day 7's challenge, I identified that I could use a permission slip to just let go and be creative.  I need to hang the "I don't care" sign on the door and forget the judges and critics and do what makes me glow! Kimberly seems to have this down pat!  I can't see how she could be negatively criticised, or if she were, how it could possibly stifle her.  It seems she would never allow that to be.

I would also love to develop multiple streams of income that allowed me a life where I could nest or fly free, whenever, wherever.

How can I bring all of this together?

Keep doing what I have been I suppose.  Delving deep into who I am.  Exploring life and what opportunities shine brightly for me.  Keep my mind open, my heart open and my wings open.  Fly with purpose, but let the breeze help guide my trajectory.  

30 day challenge

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