Monday, August 5, 2013

A Field Of Flowers Is Waiting

Can you imagine this field of flowers with 2 young boys and a little girl frolicking in it?

I can! And I'm going to make it happen, with the help of Coralie Plozza from Rainbow Farm Photography.

This field is part of Rainbow Farm and in September, when spring comes to Western Australia, the little yellow cake weed flowers come to life.  They create a gorgeous yellow carpet set against an enormous blue sky.

I am planning to take my kidlets, and possibly my wonky dog, to Rainbow Farm when the flowers bloom.  We will all run and roll in the them while Coralie captures gorgeous sunny photos of us having fun and being free!

I'm on the look out for cute little outfits for the children now which is half the fun of it!  ;-)

If you're near Busselton, Western Australia, this year, next or anytime in the future, I'm sure Coralie would love to have you come visit her field of flowers and snap pictures of you enjoying yourself!  I can't wait until I get to share our adventure once we are done! It has been too long since we last captured beautiful photos of our family.  Children grow so fast...

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