Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friendly Teams!

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Day 18's question is uninspiring!  This 30 Day Blog Challenge has had it' challenges but this is one of the bigger ones because I just don't 'feel' the question at all.

But that hasn't stopped me for the previous 17 days, so here goes...

What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you buld your business?

See what I mean... VERY BUSINESS ORIENTED.  It is hard to think about what a 'dream team' of any kind would look like if you aren't quite sure what was in the dream!

But I'm just making excuses. I'm whining and not taking action that will inch me into forward momentum.


My dream team would look like a thousand friendly faces that love what I do, say and who I am, in my sparkling glory and my cruddy blueness.  We all have the cruddy blueness and the best growth, I find, comes from the fertiliser that surrounds those days.  And I want those that follow me to not just be excited by the wonderful sparkling days but also by that growth that occurs in the warm sordid scrambling moments that feel like decay but are perfect conditions for flourishing.  I want to help people see the beautiful parts that make up the bulk of life, and the beautiful parts that hide in the shadows too.

So... I guess I envision an affiliate program of my own, promoting whatever it is that I end up producing.

I am very much people centred.  Big corporations don't excite my senses.  They actually turn me off most times.  I'm not into hoopla and catch phrases and marketing strategies (I don't think anyways... I don't have a lot of experience here to base anything on!)  I don't buy into brand names, don't know who celebrities are or what or who they are doing for the most part.   I don't pay any heed to mass media 9 times out of 10.  But I do love people, variety and natural progression.  I don't want to push and cram and bustle people along.  I just want a natural, beautiful flow of life, and marketing, if that is in my future.

I feel that it would be an honour to be recommended to others.  It would be a blessing if those others purchased anything I might produce, as a result of that recommendation.  I think it is only fair, just and respectful to acknowledge that wonderful support.  Sharing the love by spreading the word for exchange for a few dollars is a win for everyone involved.  It is quite beautiful really. Not only does it ensure the growth of a business, it creates financial flow to everyone involved, circulates information, that I create, more widely than I could ever possibly achieve alone, but most importantly it creates community and TRUST.  Who can't love that idea.

And it would all happen in an organic flowing natural way rather than a contrived, glossy package with a mind-achingly catchy jingle to keep you awake at night!

The only other part of a dream Sales Team that I can envision would be the involvement of friends and family to support me through the process of creating something to actually market.  Encouragement on "good" and "great" ideas, or "perhaps you should rework that!" suggestions would be crucial.  But choosing the right people to support me is essential too.  Picking only the real "supportive" members among my circle and leaving the ones who could shrink my shine to fulfil other roles in my life that they are more suited for!  It's all about delegating! :-)

So... for a topic that didn't inspire me, I think I did ok! Don't you?

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