Monday, August 19, 2013

Unique Special Proposition

Day 12!

This 30 Day Blog Challenge has been enlightening, and challenging.  I learned a lot about myself the first week.  The days since have been more business oriented.  I find this far more difficult.  But I shall soldier on.  I just hope its interesting to read...?  

If nothing else, it is building my writing habit muscles.  And I did miss writing the past few days break.  

30 day challenge

Today's question looks a little juicier...

What is your Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?


I'm ME of course and no one can do anything in quite the same way as ME!  Is this really a question?

:-D  LOL sorry...  Ok, tackling the topic...

So what do I love going more than anything else?  What do I do better than anyone else?  What is remarkable about me?  What can I offer someone, or the world, that no one else can offer?

If there are answers to these questions and others like them, then I will have my Unique Special Proposition.

The tough part of answering this question is tooting your own horn!  I've never been one to self promote.  In fact I'm more accustomed to self doubt and self critique while blending into the landscape!  But I can see how beneficial this question is to face up to, both personally, and later, from a business perspective.  It is just uncomfortable to do...  But growth doesn't happen if you sit inside your shell now does it?

I guess the things I love to do most are help people and to laugh.  I enjoy taking what I learn about myself and others, and forming a picture about life and what it could be, for each of us.  I feel that one of my best qualities is empathy.  I care about others. I love positive outcomes and solutions to problems.  But if problems can't be 'solved' I love the process of growing into understanding and acceptance and persevering.  I believe that we can survive anything, we can be great, we can LIVE - regardless of our lives and our circumstances.

I feel as thought I hover between introversion and extroversion.  I am comfortable with my own company and I need alone time to regenerate my resources.  But I thrive when I am surrounded by people.  I am sure that one aspect would win out if I put it to the test, but I feel that essentially I am quite balanced (most days anyhow) and I am open.

Ok... I've wrung the sponge of self-boosting enough for the moment.  I'm sure I could get another drop or two out but I am happy with the little bit I extracted.  It gives me a little foundation to build upon...

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