Friday, August 9, 2013

Where Are We Going Today?

Day 4! This is going fast!!! :-)  

This next question feels more 'business' related than the others.  But I guess that's to be expected from The Suitcase Entrepreneur.  :-)  It might actually be easier if I HAD a business.  But right now, all I have is scraps of dreams and nothing yet fully formed.  So, we'll go with that! 

Today's question:

What is your definition of Location Independence?

Simply, I define location independence as not being tied down to a specific locale in order to conduct your life or your work.  

It is the freedom to be wherever you want to be in the world, while doing what you love most; travel, write, dream, watch stars, play Yahtzee with the children, go wading through the sea looking for shells or do whatever 'work' that brings smiles and money enough to keep you free to move whenever and wherever you like.  

It does not mean that you HAVE to be unencumbered by the ties that could keep you bound to one place in particular.  It does not prevent you from owning a home, settling with a partner, raising a family, having a job, belonging to a community and being "a local"... 

It just means that when you want, you can experience all aspects of your life away from 'home base'.  Whether its a year at a time, every second month or every weekend.

For me, it means that one day, maybe sooner rather than later, I can sit beside the pool and take appointments, do paperwork on rainy days curled up by an open fire and sit in the sunshine on a porch while helping someone make their life better.  I can write whilst in a comfy chair at home, in a cafe in town, in an airport whist waiting for a flight to somewhere magical!  It means I can, if I wanted to, wake up with my babies and go sledding down snowy slopes, then go to sleep in a warm hammock under palm trees less than 24 hours later!  

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Dreaming... Image from Buenos-Aires-Argentina-Map-460x250.jpg