Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dreams Count!

DAY 14!  Whooot Whooot!  2 whole weeks of blogging almost daily (or catching up within days!)  How awesome is that?  That is an achievement in itself!

So... Day 14 is perfect.  After Day 13's Sparkling New Directions, hot on its heels is a day of learning dedicated to making those directions one little bit more attainable!  The prompt to write upon is...

What are two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

30 day challenge

So here goes...

The first habit that calls to me is NO EXCUSES!

I have a lot of excuses not to do things that could potentially bring me more joy, make life better, move me forward and so on.  There's laundry to be done, I will do it later (my favourite), I can't afford that, I can't invest the time required, there are too many other things to do, I don't have the energy/patience, I can't think straight with my house a mess or when the kids are running  around.  See I'm full of excuses...

So... The first thing I can do, bearing this in mind is to JUST START!  No more excuses, self doubts, needing permission from "someone" or anything else I can think of to keep in my comfort zone.  I think I need to just get active and start each project and run with it!  Run like the wind and don't stop even if the tricky stuff that makes it a project gets in the way.  Hurdles are not an excuse to stop, they are a reason to leap!

The second habit that resonated with me was to always move forward.  Every day, do something to get closer to the destination.  Be it big or little, forward momentum of any kind is wonderful!  

So to this end, I will set up a project book.  I will sit down and really hone in on what it is I want to create.  I will figure out what I know and don't know about making my creation a reality.  I will isolate what it is I need to learn and go after it!  Then, when I know what I need to, it really is full steam ahead with NO EXCUSES and just making it happen.  

I realise now that I need to drive what I want to achieve.  It won't grow from a idea seed if I don't give it the right conditions, nurture and nourish it.  I need to MAKE this happen.  I need to do some work, quit finding reasons not to and I need to keep the momentum up regardless of everything else in my life that is vying for my focus.  

My dreams matter as much as anything else in my life!

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