Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Up For A Challenge!

When I began this blog in January of this year, my intent was to write for me and me alone.  However, I chose to make it a public blog, to take the chance that 'someone' might read it.  Someone I might know.  Someone who knows me.  Or perhaps someone who just stumbles upon this page.  I did this because I wanted to grow into myself better.

My whole life I've been uncomfortable with showing people what I've written or created.  I don't know why.  I just never felt 'good enough' or that anything I could produce would be worthy of someone else's time.  Whilst I know that on an intellectual level, this is quite crazy, on a heart level, it was my truth.  

So... On Sparkling Wings - the blog - was born as a direct challenge to that heart/mind conflict.  It was a way for me to crack open my protective cocoon and not necessarily crawl out (Although I perhaps have done so since starting the page...  I don't know.  That is for another blog post!) but potentially invite someone else in to see me and what I can, or can't. do.  My achievements and my failures are both valuable, and potentially not just to me!  There is a chance that someone else might find them both interesting or enlightening. 

Today I am beginning a challenge...  A 30 Day blogging challenge!  You can read about it here.

30 day challenge

Why would I take on such a challenge?  Well... my lovely friend Coralie of Rainbow Farm Photography discovered it and asked me to join in.  What better reason does one need than to play with their friends?    :-)

I also decided to take up the challenge because although I only ever intended to write for myself, I don't feel I write enough.  Another opportunity to grow into myself is being presented to me on a silver platter.  This time, it is the opportunity to find some discipline.  To partake in something daily, to build routine, to keep me going forward even when motivation is lacking.  I think this challenge may be just what I need to help kickstart my "sticktoitness" that I always feel I lack.

It is worth a shot!

So today's challenge to write on was to answer WHY I started the blog (To challenge myself), WHO was my intended audience (Myself and whoever else happened across my page), WHAT my blog was to be about (My achievements, failures and anything else in between), WHY I took on the 30 Day challenge (Moral support of Coralie and to challenge myself more) and WHAT I hope to get out of it (Discipline to write and courage to take that discipline to other areas of my life!)

There is it in a nutshell!


Bring on tomorrow!!! I'm ready for whatever is coming my way!


  1. Thank you for the big shout out and for being such a great friend ... I look forward to being on this journey together and hey anything that "may" get us into better routines and motivated is worth a try

  2. I know the feeling of "going public." It's kind of scary. :) I'm doing the challenge too and this will make good practice. They say 30 days is enough to make it a habit. Should be fun!