Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Day 21 has no topic for the 30 Day Blog Challenge assigned to it.

I'm both excited by this and a little bereft.

I have been enjoying the challenge of addressing a topic each day.  Even when those topics sometimes did not light my creative fire or even spark my interest.  The fun of a challenge I guess!  But to have no topic at all, is just free and a little bit empty.

But I shall fill the space with words of review and anticipation.

In Act 1 of The Suitcase Entrepreneur's 30 Day Blog Challenge I was given permission to dream.  I was encouraged to spread my wings and imagine myself living my future.  It was a beautiful and enlightening experience.  Not only did I learn that my aspirations are far more humble than I anticipated that they would be, I was also blessed to realise just how close I actually am to getting there.  The divide between where I am, and where I aim to be, really is not that wide.  Now, I have a clearer view of where I am headed, why and indeed, how to get there sooner.

Act 2 was admittedly much much harder to explore.  It felt less creative and more intangible.  This is mostly due to the fact, I think, that I do not actually have a business or a clear idea for a business, and this Act was all about determining and refining how to make a business happen.  Despite the obvious challenges however, I learned a great deal about myself.  I have definite ways of doing business that I gravitate toward and some that I absolutely do not.  I feel that in the future, when I become more clear about ''what" I want to do as an online business, it would be EXTREMELY beneficial to revisit these questions again.  To delve into them with an actual concept, a baby you want to birth, in mind, could change so many of the answers, or reaffirm some.  That could make all the difference to an outcome.

And Act 3... I'm looking forward to Act 3... It is all about taking off and flying on those Sparkling Wings to far off places and experiencing freedom in all its forms.  It is about being ABLE to live a nomadic lifestyle anywhere in the world and still be anchored to the real world requirement to make money to support that lifestyle.  But even better, it is encouraging that anchor not just to be a source of fuel for the hip pocket and feet, but also to be gratifying and satisfying to the heart and soul!  Plus, I suspect, there will be many expert tips to make the nomadic lifestyle much simpler to implement.

It has been a long time since I last travelled.  I have taken a trip or two and glimpsed that sense of freedom that comes from REALLY travelling.  But it was only the tiniest hint of sensation, the essence of it.  I ache to feel it again.  The freedom, excitement, anticipation, mystery, discovery, learning, confusion and relief, drama, peace...  I want to roam.  I want that heart-racing feeling that begins with the smell of an aircraft and the force of being propelled into the sky!

I realise there is nothing stopping me from having all of this right at this moment.  I just need to seize it and make it mine.  I can travel and feel so much of this even without going anywhere or having any money. But I anticipate that the next 9 days will really bring this idea into full focus for me and get me one more step closer to that magical life I envisioned in Act 1.

Bring it on!

30 day challenge


  1. Ooooh love it. I'm including this in the post tomorrow cos it rocks!!! Thank you for your gracious summary

  2. Thank you Natalie... I've loved this challenge!