Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Could Tomorrow Bring?

Well here I am for DAY TWO of the 30 Day Blog Challenge! Yay!!!

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Today, the mission I am choosing to accept is to answer the following question.

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

This is a tougher question than it looks for 2 reasons!
a) Letting myself shed the boundaries and confines and open up to the FREEDOM of doing WHATEVER I want, is not natural, and
b) I'm spoiled for choice as to what to do!  There is so much out there to do!

But... On with the dreaming...!  Being brave, diving in!

The sun wakes me from a peaceful sleep, nestled in the arms of my love.  We snuggle, we talk, we plan, we laugh and we untangle our limbs a little reluctantly so that we can live the day. 
We eat breakfast - fresh fruit, eggs, bread. We play silly word games with the children, laugh, talk, all clamoured around the dining table in a sunny country style home. Then as each person goes off to spend their day doing what they love and what they need to do, I sit in a big comfy window seat and watch the world go by for a while.  I think, meditate, maybe write letters or poems. I draw or knit, sew or read.  It doesn't matter really, I just want to sit, observe, create and be peaceful.  I hope that whatever I am creating, it will bring joy and love into someone else's life.
When I've done my dreaming, crafting, watching, soaking in the sunshine, I get my shoes on.  I decide if I will walk in the woods, or go for a ride on the horse.  Or perhaps I will head to town and go to the gym, or a dance class. I wave and chat to people on the street while window shopping!  Something to get my blood pumping.  Maybe I'll go rock climbing?  Or take the dogs for a run by the river?  Or maybe even a bike ride through fields of spring flowers so I can stop, pick a couple and bring home to brighten my nest.  I just want to move, feel the breeze in my hair and feel invigorated!
A wonderful hot shower to freshen myself up and then set to work...
I sit down in my comfy office.  I spend a few hours talking to people about their problems, their hopes, dreams, passions, struggles.  We work together to create wonderful lives for them to live and share with others around them.  Although some days are a struggle, listening to the pains and problems that people face, it is encouraging, heartwarming and so rewarding to see them grow and bloom in front of me.  It is an honour to be able to help them do this.  It makes me float, yet keeps me grounded and humble. And most wonderfully, it keeps me growing and blooming too!  You can learn so much from others, if you really listen and find where their truths may connects to your own life. 
My family reassembles on the patio in the later afternoon, with some friends.  We sip wine, watch the children play, engage in deep conversations, light chit chat, walk down memory lane and feel our belly muscles ache with laughter.  We talk about our impending family holiday to Lapland to meet Santa, ride a dog sled and reindeer sleigh, sleep in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights!  I share my delight at having a massage booked for tomorrow.  My love rests his hand on my knee as he tells me we are going out for dinner, just the two of us, that the children will be having dinner with their cousins.  I get dressed up, so does he.  We go for a drive, drinks, dinner, a walk in the dark, passion in the moonlight.  We go home to find the babies snuggled up asleep on the floor in a blanket fort.  We thank and hug our family for taking care of them for us. We are blessed and will return the blessing soon.  
We sneak upstairs, cuddle, dream and sleep...

I would be present, unflustered, organised, creative, passionate, involved, active, continually growing, learning, moving, excited, helpful, useful, magical and fun.  I would be mother, lover, friend, smiling person on the street, open to help others, generous, free and dreamy. I would be peaceful and joyous inside and make others feel peaceful, loved and happy in my presence.

Perhaps that was easier than I thought after all?  And less extravagant than I imagined...  Not so outlandish and unachievable really.

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