Monday, August 26, 2013

Tools For Future Time and Money Saving

Day 20!  Happy Dance time!  Two-thirds of the way through the 30 Day Blog Challenge 

I'm beginning to wonder just what it is that I'll write when this challenge is over! I'm sure I'll find something because I actually look forward to writing now, and miss it when I don't find time.  I shall update my list of topic ideas and get busy on it soon! :-)

But for now...

State your top 3 tools that you already use, or will use, to save time and money in your online world more seamless.

So far, I don't really have any experience with online tools to make life simpler or aid in handling money but what I do know is, PAYPAL rocks!  I've used it many many times purchasing books and cd's from international sellers, items from ebay and transferring money to friends overseas.  It is secure, convenient and easy to use.  I love it.  If I were going to take on any kind of business dealings online, Paypal would definitely be part of my equation!

I have played with HootSuite before and can see that, as a business grows, using this tool to manage multiple social media avenues would be ideal for reducing time consumption.  I am sure it has far more features than I delved into, but as my blog/business grows, I can imagine and see the potential HootSuite has to help smooth the way and keep people up to date with what's going on in my sphere!

The third tool I'd have to say that I lean towards is InfusionSoft for email marketing, e-commerce etc.  I honestly know NOTHING about it except that several other small businesses that I know use it and I tend to feel that if its something they trust enough to use, then it may be a service I could too.  Naturally I'd do my research if and when the time came.  But what I have seen to date leaves a good impression.

There you have it!  Short and simple.

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