Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Week in Review!

My Weekend
  • Cleaning the house
  • Preparing party food
  • Entertaining my birthday boy's friends and family.
  • Cleaning up
  • Napping
My Week
  • Wrote a post for Day 11, Day 12, and Day 13 for the 30 Day Blog Challenge
  • Posted My Week In Review for last week.
  • Cleaned my cutlery and utensil drawers in my kitchen after my daughter spilled juice into them!
  • Took my Bunny to the vet and learned to give oral medicines to her via syringe.  I hope it helps!
  • Went to belly dancing class and played with hot pink fan veils!  So pretty and very energetic!
  • Posted for Day 14 for the 30 Day Blog Challenge after listening to Natalie Sisson's Podcast twice!
  • Completed my e-learning for Lifeline on Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault (because it didn't record my result last week!  Grrr) AND Child Protection
  • Chilled out with a jigsaw puzzle while listening to said podcast
  • Helped two friends with some very different copy writing needs
  • Listened to The Desire Map AGAIN!
  • Wrote my Day 15 and Day 16 posts for the 30 Day Blog Challenge
  • Took the kids out to dinner
  • Did some art journalling - first time in ages
  • Made a call I was not looking forward to making
  • Sent some emails I have been meaning to send
  • Started fundraising for the 2014 Step Up For MS Challenge
  • Created new reward charts for my kids
  • Wrote Day 17 post for 30 Day Blog Challenge
Dreams for my weekend
  • Sleep
  • Smiles with my children
  • Study
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • A new bunny! (No, before you wonder, not to repace my sick bunny.  Another new furry bundle of love!)

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