Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot, Workmen Free Zone... Sigh...

Oh oh... Again Day 19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur is a doozy that does not sit well on first glance  It is too businessy and out of my league.

But I'll answer it anyhow!

Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?

The sarcastic comedienne in me wants to procrastinate here by saying "by hollering at the hot workmen brandishing electric screwdrivers, of course!"  But anyway...

For this exercise, I am choosing to focus on the platform I have here and now, my blog.  Nothing too dreamy and future focused.  Just the "what I got".

If I am to grow what I have in this little corner of pixellated freedom, I simply need to keep on doing what I have been doing so far - regularly write and share my thoughts.  I simply need to layer post upon post upon post and see where it takes me, and what kind of readership it brings!

All of the questions to date have been making me think about what it is I have to offer, who I want to offer it to, what terms I want to offer it under and so on.  I have more direction and thought out detail than I have ever had.  But even so, I have a deep desire to just grow in whatever direction the light comes from and just see how far or wide (or weed-like) I can become.

If I let my writing here be free as well as follow the directions I do have planned, I hope to have enough structure, content and mystery to draw in those who have wings of their own and want to glide on my breeze.  I don't want to push, pull or "influence" but rather put out a little magic magnetism and enticement.

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