Friday, August 23, 2013

I Want Community. Who Wants To Play Along?

Day 17!  I am loving these high teen numbers!  It's so amazing to me that I, or all people, have stuck to this 30 Day Blog Challenge this long!  I usually give up on things like this much sooner, particularly if I'm not all that 'into' the theme.  In this instance, I'm not all that into business building, but its been an educational ride nonetheless and my interest is beginning to be piqued!  Just what could I do here?

So today's topic...

What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your brand and your business?

My first answer to this is keep active and in the spotlight!  Keeping on blogging like I have done, with regularity and something of interest to say. This will keep whoever is already looking, coming back, and will encourage new people to join!

Keeping active will mean following up on my ideas for taking this blog in a new direction and cultivating others.  I am absolutely up for that challenge!

My second response would be to keep up with my Facebook page for this blog and perhaps expand into other social media avenues. This certainly won't deter people from coming here to visit and spend a few minutes (or dare I dream - a few hours?) reading.  If I make people aware that this little blog exists, and keep people reading after their first visit, not only will my blog readership grow, but my own credibility will grow as a natural consequence!  My gut says that social media activity is very important here.  The blog is where the action is, but there is a strong possibility that the socail media networks is where the INTERACTIVITY and TRUST will grow best of all.

My final thought on what I can do is to take any and every opportunity that comes to my attention to promote my blog.  Even taking up this challenge has increased my reader stats and thus, the knowledge that I'm here, in my little corner of the world wide web.  I think keeping active and getting the word out as much as possible, in any way, can only be beneficial.

I'm looking forward to interaction the most.  I want to know what readers think and feel and if they want more or less from me.  I want comments...

Comments people, please?

I started this blog for me.  But its slowly morphing into something new.  It would be nice to know who is on the journey with me and if they want something in particular from the ride too.  Perhaps I can make us both grow!  No harm in asking, right?

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